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For years, the thought of traveling was something that I always wanted to experience. There's something blissful when you are able to leave your country and travel to vast and far away places. However, the process of traveling is a headache. So many things you have to go through, laws you need to know, and the price of traveling are staggering. MyTravelCheap was made to accommodate new and former fliers with a streamline experience where they can learn things about traveling, read other people’s reviews of places they’ve been and save time and money looking for their travel destination.

De'Andre Bush Owner

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Things To Know is an ongoing cycle of things to know when you are about to travel domestically or internationally. What items you can bring, what you can't, any new travel laws to keep up to date about. We hope that this segment can provide customers with news and resources they can enjoy.

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Our curated store is design to bring you unique items you can use when you travel. All of our products are carefully chosen as they can solve problems one may encounter on their travel and certain items you can have in your bag. We sort out all of the hassle of finding the right item so you can focus on what really matters. .

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